Sunday, November 23, 2008

She and Me

She sits and tries to think
Days of lost innocence and all that pink
Trying frantically to remember all that she has forgotten
She lost me in the flood of oblivion
She lost everything
She is just another survivor
And as she walks back she crosses me
And she doesn't even recognize who I was
I nod my head and follow her

I see her like I see everyday
I see her just like the clouds in the sky or the moon in the night
and now
I see her walking
going back to her house
crossing the street
trying to smile but she only has tears to offer
and those tears are so beautiful I remember

Standing with her friends
Sometimes she sees me wondering
what I am doing there
Do I care maybe not,maybe yes
Its written in her face
she is sad she is lost

She used it one stormy night
And she gave up without a fight
I was there too, I wanted to stop her
But she could just not see me

Now things in front of her are all so foggy
She hallucinates and she pretends she is happy
I can see she is decaying away
going so far I see her face turn hazy
But I can't lose her
And I go after the dream
which is now a nightmare

She sees me and smiles
As I ask her to comeback with me
She refuses politely and asks me to leave this place
which I do


She now stands in front of her house
It reflects back all that she could have
I stand by her side
They sky is grey and it would rain soon
And we would get drenched
She opens the gate and enters
There's no there to welcome her
The scar is long gone
But the mark it etched
No one can just erase it

And as it rains she sits in front of the closed door
She screams she wants to enter
But there's no one to answer her call
I watch it all
And then she asks me
'Who are you and why you cry for me'
I wonder
Was this the same girl I loved
And time is so bitter
That now I am nothing but just another face
Just another stranger

P.S:Its around five in the morning. And my exams begin today. And I don't know what made me write this. But I can only say that writing this has made my burdened hard lighter.
And this poet is dedicated to a girl who inspired me a lot. She is a fighter. And I watch her alone. Am with you though you will never know it.


Sromana said...

ahhh...this is it EXACTLY!was waiting for this kind of stuff from you!
Sea vs you...Which was deeper last night?Which one roared more violently?
definitely you!!:)

Suyasha Sen said...

I think not...i like it...can almost relate to it...kindda like a dark version of 'she will be loved'.

Keep posting and keep up the good work!